Our expertise consists of integrating local artisant and craftsmen with a rigorous industrial company, aiming to supply furniture of much higher quality than previously available from this country. Our know how consists of utilizing time honored, and innovative technical methods, which will allow furniture, fabricated in country where the humidity level is above 90%, to maintain it ' sintegrity, when tranferred to a temperate country. The technique we use is based on three fundamental principles  :

Wood quality :

Firstly all the selected wood has to be fully mature, and seasoned and then dried to final humidity level of less than 13%

Mastering Fabrication methods  :

At this stage the artistry and carpentry skills of generations are employed to allow element of the design to be integrated into the natural strengths and resilience of the wood. The designer does not endeavor to prevent the natural movement of the wood on the contrary, he anticipates the movement which could ocur and integrates it into the furnuture style so that are of no consequence.

Quality control

Finaly we cannot over emphasize the value of the most stringent quality control at all stages of the construction.

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